Noble British Families. Drummond Henry.
Noble British Families
Noble British Families
Noble British Families

Noble British Families

London: William Pickering, 1846. First Edition. 1/2 Morocco. NOBLE BRITISH FAMILIES
Large Folio First Edition, With Many Hand-Colored Plates.
William Pickering, London 1846

Histories of Noble British Families. London: William Pickering, 1846. Two volumes. Large folio Half maroon Roan, cloth boards expertly re-backed using old spine layed down and repaired corners raised bands on original spine. Expert repairs to the fore-edge of Pg 5 & 7 Vol II second to last plate Vol I were they had been proud of the fore-edge of the book at some point. occasional short closed tear expertly repaired.
First edition of this survey of 12 noble British families, published at great personal expense by 19th-century politician Henry Drummond, richly illustrated with genealogies, coats-of-arms, family estates, monuments and fine engraved portraits of each family’s most distinguished members, many vividly hand-colored.
While published by William Pickering, this monumental work was actually compiled and underwritten by the politician Henry Drummond at great personal expense. Certainly, Drummond selected Pickering to issue this work because of his firm’s well-established reputation for producing lavishly illustrated historical and antiquarian surveys, some of them the most beautiful books produced at the time—such as Henry Shaw’s Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages (1840-43) and Specimens of Ancient Furniture (1836). This is arguably Pickering’s most sumptuous production, and certainly his largest. Armorial bookplates of Cyril Augustus Drummond and George Stirling-Home-Drummond of Blair-Drummond and Ardoch, from the family of politician Henry Drummond, who compiled the present work. An extremely rare and comprehensive works on nobility, only 2 copies available for sale and sold in the last 10 years found on record.
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Volume one consists of the families of Ashburnham, Arden, Compton, Cecil, Harley, Bruce. Volume two consists of the families of Perceval, Dunbar, Hume, Dundas, Drummond, Neville. Large folio (22" x16") - text with hand coloured family trees with hand coloured crests, 81 plates (41 coloured). Complete, some spotting but still a striking and noble example of this great work.
Coloured plates in order:

Volume 1.
1 Title page.
3. Ashburnham.
4. Armorial Bearings of the Family of D'Albini (Daubeny) Earls of Sussex, Chichester, and Arundel.
5. John Ashburnham.
6. William Ashburnham.
7. Table 1. Arden, Eardene, Arderne, and Compton.
8. Crests: Siward, Lord of Wallingford / Rohand, Earl of Warwick / Edward, King from 900 to 924 / Athelstan, King from 925 to 940 / Leofric, Earl of Mercia.
9. Armorial Bearings of the Eldest Branch of Arden.
10. Table 2. Arden, Eardene, Arderne, and Compton.
11. Arden, Eardene, Arderne, and Compton. (25 crests)
12. Arden, Eardene, Arderne, and Compton. (13 crests)
13. Armorial Bearings of the Beauchamps (32 crests) / Armorial Bearings of the Ardens (25 crests).
14. Table 3. Arden, Eardene, Arderne, and Compton.
15. Arms of Sir William Compton (?).
16. Sir Peter Arderne, his Wife and Daughter.
17. Window at Baliol College, presented by Sir William Compton, being a facsimile of one in the Chapel at Compton Wynyats.
18. Henry Lord Compton. Obt 1589.
19. William Compton K.G. First Earl of Northampton & President of Wales.
20. Spencer Compton.
21. James Compton. 3rd Earl of Northampton. Obt 1681.
22. Sir Charles Compton. Second son of Spencer, 2nd Earl of Northampton.
23. Sir William Compton. 3rd son of Spencer...
24. Sir Spencer Compton. 4th son of Spencer...
25. Sir Francis Compton. 5th son of Spencer...
26. Henry Earl Compton.
27. Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington K.G.
28. Table 1. Cecil.
29. Table 2. Sir Robert Cecil.
30. 20 x crests on the Arms of the Cecils.
31. William Cecil, Lord Burley.
32. Mildred Cooke. 2nd Wife of William Cecil, Lord Burghley.
33. Sir Thomas Cecil. 1st Earl of Exeter.
34. Sir Robert Cecil. 1st Earl of Salisbury.
35. William, 2nd Earl of Salisbury K.G.
36. Harley, anciently Arlai, Harleigh, Hareley, and Harwell.
37. Sir Edward Harley.
38. Auditor Harley.
39. Edward, 3rd Earl of Orford and Family.
40. Rt. Hon. Thomas Harley.
41. Table 1. Bruce.
42. Seal of W. de Braiosa in 1075.
43. Seal of Phillp de Braose.
44. Seal of Reginald de Braose / Bishop of Hereford.
45. More Bruce Family Seals.
46. [as above].
47. Table 2. Seal of Robert de Brus.
48. [as above].
49. Seal of Robtert (the 3rd) Brus.
50. Seals of Robert Earl of Carrick in 1285 / Margerie Countess of Carrick in 1285 / William de Brus.
51. Seals of the Bruce Family.
52. Armorial Bearings of the Bruces. (16 crests)
53. Armorial Bearings of the Bruces. (19 crests)
54. Armorial Bearings of the Bruces of Clackmannan. (10 crests)
55. Armorial Bearings of the Bruces of Clackmannan. (9 crests)
56. Alexander, 4th Earl of Kincardine / Alexander, 2nd Earl of Kincardine / Thomas Bruce, 2nd Earl of Ailesbury.
57. Lady Sarah Bruce / Charles Bruce, 9th Earl of Kincardine & 5th Earl of Elgin.
58. Thomas, Earl of Elgin / Christina Bruce, Countess of Devonshire.
59. Thomas, Lord Bruce, 1st Earl of Elgin / Sir Edward Bruce, Baron Bruce of Kinloss, Master of the Rolls.

Volume 2.
60. Title page.
61. Table 1. Perceval.
62-65. Assorted Seals of the Perceval Family.
66-69. Assorted Seals of the Perceval Family.
70. Armorial Bearings of the Percevals. (17 crests)
71. Armorial Bearings of the Percevals. (16 crests)
72. Dunbar, Hume, and Dundas.
73-81. Assorted Seals of the Dunbar, Hume, and Dundas Families.
82. Armorial Bearings of the Dunbar, Hume, and Dundas. (13 crests)
83. Armorial Bearings of the Dunber, Hume, and Dundas. (17 crests)
84. Table B. Hume.
85. Assorted Seals of the Hume Family.
86. Arms of Hume. (6 crests)
87. Arms of Hume. (17 crests)
88. Alexander, 7th Earl of Home / James, 5th Earl of Home / Charles, 6th Earl of Home.
89. William, 8th Earl of Home.
90. Hon. James Home, 2nd son of Charles, Earl of Home / Henry Home, Lord Kaems.
91. Table C. Dundas.
92. Table C1. Arms of Sir James Dundas.
93. Arms of Dundas. (10 crests)
94. Robert Dundas, Lord President. Obt 1753 / Sir James Dundas, Lord Arniston. Obt 1679 / George Dundas of Dundas, Father of Sir James Dundas, Governor of Berwick / Sir James Dundas, Governor of Berwick.
95. Robert Dundas, 2nd Lord President. Obt 1787 / Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville / Robert Dundas, Lord Arniston. Obt 1727 / Robert Dundas, Lord Chief Baron. Obt 1819.
96. Table 1. Drummond.
97. Seal of Robert Lundin, natural son of King William the Lion in 1169.
98. Table 2. Seals and Arms of the Drummnd Family.
99. Seal of James, Bishop of Brechin.
100. Table VII. Arms of Sir Maurice Drummond.
101. Armorial Bearings of the Drummond. (9 crests)
102. Armorial Bearings of the Drummond. (16 crests)
103. Seals of John, Earl of Carrick / Robert, Duke of Albany / Alexander Stuart, Earl of Buchan / King William the Lion / Malise, Earl of Strathern.
104. John, 5th Earl of Roxburghe and 1st Duke K.G. / John Drummond, Director of the East India Company.

105. Lieut. Gen. William Drummond, 1st Viscount Strathallan / John Drummond, Duke of Melfort, Obt 1690.
106. John Drummond, 2nd Earl of Perth / James Drummond, 3rd earl of Perth.
107. James Drummond, 5th Earl of Perth and 2nd Duke / William Drummond.
108. Annabella Drummond, Queen of Scotland / Lady Jean Gordon, Duchess of Perth.
109. James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland / James Drummond, 4th [5th?] Earl of Perth, Lord Chancellor of Scotland.
110. Thomas Drummond / Sir William Drummond K.C.
111. James, 6th Earl of Perth and Duke of Perth / Lord John Drummond.
112. Table 1. Neville.
113. Seals of Ftiz Maldred / Seal of Henry de Neville.
114. Seal of the Neville Family.
115. Seal from a Charter in the possession of the Duke of Norfolk / Seal on a Deed.
116. Table 2. Banner of Lord Abergavenny / Seal to a Deed In 1423 / Crest.
117. Brass in Mereworth Church.
118. Armorial Bearings of Saxon Nevilles. (15 crests)
119. Armorial Bearings of Saxon Nevilles. (42 crests)
120. Badges borne by the Nevilles, from Rowland. (9 assorted Badges)
121. Armorial Bearings of Norman Nevilles. (12 crests)
122. Armorial Bearings of Norman Nevilles. (7 crests)
123. Table VIII. De Courcy.
124. George Neville, 3rd Lord Abergavenny / Joanna, Lady Abergavenny / Henry, 4th Lord Abergavenny / Henry Neville, 7th Lord Abergavenny. Very Good. Item #23

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