Pages From the Book of Hours
Pages From the Book of Hours

Pages From the Book of Hours

1460. The Book of Hours is a common title for illu-
minated manuscripts across Europe over the

span of two centuries. These lavishly decorated
books encourage private devotions by way of
silent reading and reflection within the home,

as opposed to recitation outloud in group set-
tings or church atmospheres.

These books are often personalized for an
individual or family, meant to be passed down,
showing devotion across generations.
When complete, these illuminated manuscripts
can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Complete volumes are known to be illustrated

with depictions from the life of Christ, reli-
gious calendars or specific devotions to saints.

Two unnumbered leafs are availale, both pic-
tured here, on separated pages. Front and back

designs in excellent condition with minimal
signs of age and usage. Item #275

Price (USD): $175.00