Scraps from the Sketch Book of Henry Alken. Henry Alken.
Scraps from the Sketch Book of Henry Alken
Scraps from the Sketch Book of Henry Alken
Scraps from the Sketch Book of Henry Alken
Scraps from the Sketch Book of Henry Alken

Scraps from the Sketch Book of Henry Alken


Engraved by Himself, 
Containing Forty-Two Plates

Alken, Henry
Published by Thomas M'Lean., London. (1821)

Scraps from the Sketch-Book of Henry Alken, Frontice, title page and 41 hand-coloured plates. Very Scarce as it stands, all publications of this are very rare, this copy with plates dated 1820, title page dated 1821, title page and book format in portrait, with plates as in all copies are land scape. It is very rare to find the 1821 printing with coloured plates unlike the 1823 and 1825 editions. 
Bound in fine full polished period calf, elaborately guilt spine and boards, cloud marble end papers. An exceptional binding for a fine content.
Henry Thomas Alken (1785-1851) was an English painter and engraver; caricaturist and illustrator, best known for his colourful and humorous depictions of sporting and coaching scenes. Alken’s most prolific period of work occurred between 1816-1831, although his artistic career began well before this. 
The son of Samuel Alken, Henry Thomas was the third of four sons. Samuel Alken was a sporting artist but did not achieve any significant success in this arena, despite a long career as such. Henry Thomas Alken (along with two of his brothers who also showed artistic promise) began their education in fine arts under the guidance of their father. Alken would later go from his father’s tutelage to that of John Thomas Barber Beaumont (1774-1841); also known as J.T. Barber. Barber specialized in miniatures, so it was no surprise that Alken, his pupil, had his first exhibition at the Royal Academy, presenting his own miniature in 1801. A second Alken miniature would be presented again in 1806 before the artist retired this medium. Early in his career, Alken went under the name “Ben Tallyho”, presenting sporting scenes with this pseudonym until 1816. In 1809, Alken married Maria Gordon. Throughout their marriage, the couple would have five children, two of which would go on to become artists themselves, posing the question of whether this talent is passed down genetically or gained through exposure. Item #303

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